Please send $10.00 per product, within the continental USA, to cover for return shipping and handling costs. Make your check payable to ABO (USA), INC.
Please send $65.00 per product within continental USA to cover basic repair service and return shipping & handling. Make your check payable to ABO (USA), INC.

ABO (USA) basic repair policy does not cover the defects caused by abuse, improper handling, negligence, misuse, alteration, wear and tear, parts, unauthorized repair, over hauling, tune up, upgrade or modifications. If the repair will cost you more than $65.00, you will be advised of the additional cost prior to any repair. If the additional repair cost is more than your anticipation and do not wish to have repair, there will be $20.00 charge for estimation and return shipping and handling fees and you will be getting a refund of $45.00. Or we can dispose your scope. There will be a charge of $10.00 for estimation and you will get $55.00 refund. We will not provide an estimate over the phone without inspecting your product at our facility.
Insurance: If you wish to have insurance in case of damage or loss during the return shipment, we can insure your product at a cost of $1.00 per $100.00.
Letter: Enclosed a letter with your name, return address, telephone number and brief description of what is wrong with the product, along with a check or money order for the appropriate amount shown above plus insurance cost if requested.
Packing: Pack your product securely to prevent damage.
Term: Normally 7-20 weeks. If our technician estimates that it may take more than the period specified, we may notify you about the delay.
Warranty: 90 days from return date.
Shipping address: ABO (USA), INC.
14041 SW 139th Ct
Miami, FL 33186
For more information: Please call at (305)859-2010 for customer service

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